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Cincinnati Seminars

AmCon Cincinnati 2021 Seminars


Wednesday May 19th



Power of Persuasion

Video Presentation by Robert Cialdini

Call it persuading, negotiating or convincing. Ethical influence is the foundation of successful leadership, management, sales, and customer service. Robert Cialdini has spent his career systematically studying the psychology of influence. In this video, he reveals what lies at the heart of his findings: the six principles of influence that form the basis of effective, persuasive appeals. These principles-reciprocation, scarcity, authority, commitment, liking, and consensus-may seem like the jargon of social scientists, but Cialdini brings them to life. In this dynamic presentation, Dr. Cialdini provides clear step-by-step examples of behaviors that you can put to use daily to increase your influence. You will learn why you say yes to some offers, simply based on the way they are presented. And you’ll learn how to defend against offers that you’re really not interested in, no matter how effectively they’re presented.? This free presentation is a $95 value, but it could save you thousands. Attend this Free Negotiating Skills presentation then visit the AmCon exhibits and apply what you’ve learned on the show floor.



Intro To Collaborative Robotics

Alan Livingston, OnRobot????????????

Collaborative robots have become a growing part of the robotic marketplace.? Collaborative robots (Cobots) have opened opportunities for small to medium enterprise companies to add automation to their manufacturing processes.? In this seminar we will cover the most popular use cases for cobots and how enabling technology in the future will open more opportunities.? The four modes of collaborative operation will be reviewed and how they are applicable with both collaborative and industrial robotics.? The presentation will include information related to how to pick a good cobot application and how to start finding applicable resources and solutions.



We’re Good Because IT’s Covered:

How assumptions and ignoring cyber exposure is disrupting manufacturers, families and reputations.

Lowell Bowdle (CEO) Brian Goss (Director of Client Success), Certitude Security

Certitude Security is a leading cyber threat assessment service that focuses on deep analysis and resource allocation, helping manufacturers identify and respond to probable cybersecurity risks with the highest business impact.?Modern manufacturing systems rely on verifiable cybersecurity processes to safeguard critical supply chains and ward off costly business interruptions. Yet many small and medium-sized operations struggle to maintain consistent visibility of their threat exposure. We protect manufacturing companies from malicious hackers, negligent security management and IT service providers that overcharge and under deliver, ensuring production workflows are insulated from a wide range of digital threats. Save Time and Money By Prioritizing Your IT Resources. Build or Validate Your Security Plan Through Deep Analysis. Supercharge Your IT Decision-Making With Data-Driven Insights.



Stainless Availability and Minimizing Fabrication Costs

Jason Martineau, Penn Stainless Products????????????

Stainless Availability: Make your stainless dollars go further! We’ll examine strategies for selecting the ideal stainless product, shape, size, and grade to keep your final fabrication costs at a minimum.



Thursday, May 20



Getting (More of) What You Want: Negotiating Deals Big and Small

Video Presentation Featuring Thomas Lys & Margaret Neale

Program Highlights

  • Negotiations as collaborative events.
  • Three negotiating tools that are almost never used to their potential.
  • The surprising advantage gained by focusing your counterpart’s attention on his or her alternatives.

A negotiation is not a battle. That’s how Professors Neale and Lys begin this presentation, explaining that – since the end result is almost always that both parties are better off – a negotiation is the opposite of a battle. So be careful about gearing up for combat; your opponent will sense it, and good opportunities can be missed.

That said, Neale and Lys remind us of the basics: knowing your reservation price, having a strategically-determined aspirational price, and knowing when to walk away. They then share three powerful tools to getting more of what you want: using expectations, justifications and packages. And when we encourage our counterparts to see the negotiation in terms of their alternatives, they not only leave more on the table, they’ll be happier! Additional examples shared with the audience include asymmetrical information, the winner’s curse, and the danger of auctions.



Benefits of vendor consolidation and multiple process quotes and how they improve and simplify the purchasing decisions

Nathan Metz, Mark One Manufacturing?????

Today’s global business environment is increasingly complex. Over time, this complexity costs money. For example, as more goods and services are sourced to third parties, companies invariably end up buying too many things from too many different suppliers. The resultant supply-base complexity adds cost on many fronts. Understanding the types and costs of such complexity is important in order to identify and eliminate the causes of waste, expense and risk.

Navigating the New Tariff WorldJustin Spillers,?Mark One Manufacturing????? Industries doing business internationally are aware of the recent tariff changes and the sweeping implications for their business. With these new regulations comes a need for strategy related to tariffs and an understanding of how to ensure compliance.



How to Choose a Contract Manufacturer

Nick Parmar, Innovative Electronics Corp ? ? ? ?


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